Arten von Websites können mit WordPress erstellt

What types of sites can be made on WordPress and what features does this CMS have

Many people think that WordPress is a content management system that is only suitable for blogs. And then they put it aside if they decide to create some other project. However, WordPress is a versatile system, despite the fact that it is natively and by default suitable for blogs. On it you can create almost all modern and relevant types of sites. In this article, we will talk about what types of sites can be made on WordPress and you will find out what features this CMS has.Creating a site on WordPress is beneficial from the economic point of view, as customers invest the saved money in marketing. Only the owner of a large business who needs advanced functionality will not be able to use the platform. And the rest will find on WordPress everything that is necessary for a full-fledged work. After all, this is an opportunity to protect the resource from hackers, optimize the site for mobile devices, and integrate the necessary functions. Further plus is that the owner will be able to independently manage it. No need to add another person to the staff and pay large sums to supervise your project. CMS provides access to different templates that will accurately emphasize the features of the business – cosmetology, construction services or training programs. Expansion of site functionality with the help of several tens of thousands of plugins. Quick setup that allows you to install a project on the platform in a few minutes.

Being engaged in the development of sites, we provide full optimization of content for mobile screens. As well as the integration of the necessary online marketing service.

Let’s look below at what types of sites can be made on this wonderful management system, and what can be done for one or another option.

Landing page

WordPress is suitable for creating landing pages or, as they are also called, one-pagers. Landing pages are sites that are aimed at selling a single product or getting a lead (for example, registration). Whatever the attention of the visitor is not distracted, such sites are created in the form of one page.

In order to make a landing page on WordPress, you can use special themes. However, most of them are paid. There is also a free (in some cases shareware) option – plugins. You can use plugins that extend the standard WordPress page editor into a full-fledged visual block editor on which you can easily build a landing page.


Definitely a blog. This is what WordPress was originally designed for. A blog is a feed of articles that is updated periodically. On the basis of a blog, you can make any informational, news or other type of sites that need constant publication of content. WordPress has everything you need for a blog: a convenient editor and category division.

It is the blog in one form or another that will be the easiest to promote in the search, since promotion requires articles that will be on this project in abundance. You should only publish SEO optimized articles to please the search engines.

Business card site

This type of site is suitable for professionals who want to promote their services. A business card site is the same as a landing page (usually also one-page), only it is not aimed at selling one product, but at promoting one specialist. You can create a business card on WordPress in the same ways as a landing page. The difference will be only in the style of providing information, the content itself and semantics. You can also apply specialized plugins for such projects.

Photo gallery

A great option for photographers, artists, designers, or just to collect a lot of beautiful pictures in a bunch. A photo gallery is a page that contains a large number of images. Making a gallery on WordPress is easy, and even without special plugins. But if you need more functions, then you can use additional plugins, which for galleries and for images in general, there are a lot.


With free gallery plugins that look beautiful on both your monitor and smartphone display, you can easily create an attractive portfolio. Most owners of sites that use WordPress as a CMS use Photo Gallery, Responsive Gallery, Envira Photo Gallery and NextGEN Gallery plugins to create portfolios.

The site of the company

What is a corporate website? Depending on the needs of the enterprise, all of the above types of projects can be implemented on it: a landing page for sales, an online store for large sales, a forum for communicating with the audience, a business card site, a blog for promotion in search engines.  If you make a company website on WordPress, then there are no restrictions on the functionality. You can implement any opportunity, you can make any kind of site a part of a corporate project.

Online store

It’s amazing that an engine created for developing blogs allows you to make a full-fledged online store. However, this is so. And what’s more, it’s so simple, perhaps even easier than doing it in specialized systems for creating a store. In order to make a store on WordPress, you only need to install one plugin – WooCommerce. The plugin is developed by the same people who created WordPress, so it guarantees full compatibility. And it’s absolutely free. In terms of functionality, the plugin is not inferior to the capabilities of popular CMS, specializing only in stores.


A forum is a place where the audience can communicate on any topic. Forums are convenient in that they generate content, and just the same content that is interesting to the target audience and is sore for them. By itself, the forum will be difficult to promote, so it is better to make it part of the information site.   And for a WordPress forum, there is a solution – the bbPress plugin. Similar to WooCommerce, it gives the site all the necessary functionality that is present in specialized systems exclusively for forums.

Catalog card

Another WordPress theme that may surprise you with its existence when working with this resource is Directory . It not only helps to create an impressive website home page, but also provides the functionality of the directory itself.

Like Twitter

The free P2 theme from WordPress, often referred to as „Twitter for WordPress“, provides a great opportunity to create a short communication in groups or companies. The creators of WordPress themselves use the Automattic theme for internal communication.   It is thanks to line commenting that users can discuss the added post in any way convenient for them. While this feature doesn’t have any other options, it does the best job of what it’s meant to do.

Ticket system

Thanks to the QualityControl theme, you can use WordPress in yet another way, namely as a quality control tool. It has a built-in ticket system that is filtered by priority and status. It even allows you to set and assign tasks to a specific user.

User group system

The user groups plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Since WordPress is a fairly user-friendly resource, it will be very easy to combine it with other membership levels. To do this, add the features of the payment system and you can start selling different membership levels and subscriptions to other users. The s2Member plugin helps secure your entire site and unlike most themes and plugins it’s free.

Property search site

The RealHomes WordPress theme for selling real estate allows you to place a Google Maps map with properties that are for sale or for rent. It provides many ways to create a property filter, add all the necessary information and use the contact form to get in touch. This topic is simply indispensable when selling houses.

YouTube analog

To date, there is no WordPress theme that is an exact copy of YouTube, but there is a good alternative – Video Pro. You can post videos in it, which can significantly increase website traffic. Of course, YouTube itself allows you to directly upload videos, but uploading them to your own site in the same convenient and fast way is not possible for most of us.

This theme has the feature of posting any video link you like and you can add it to your site right away. You can also share these links.

Bulletin board

With the help of the ClassiCraft theme, you can turn your WordPress site into a short notice board. The theme is very easy to use and offers many ways to monetize your site with premium ads. Near each of them you can place a map and a contact form.

News site

With the help of the popular Largo WordPress framework, a news portal with a responsive design and a set of publishing tools is created in a couple of hours. Examples of sites on WordPress + Largo are on the developer’s web page.

Read more: News site. With the help of the popular Largo WordPress framework, a news portal with a responsive design and a set of publishing tools is created in a couple of hours. Examples of sites on WordPress + Largo are on the developer’s web page.

Now you know what kinds of websites you can make with WordPress. And this is far from the limit, but only popular types. WordPress is so versatile and multifunctional that it can solve almost any problem that arises in the mind of a webmaster. On it you can create the site of your dreams and our team will help you do it, just write to us!

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