Technologies shape the lifestyle and consumer behavior of modern people. Digital content across all channels is expected to be useful, usable, and responsive. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and with it the audience of companies and growing competition is expanding.
Any search query given on any device expresses an intent. This fundamentally changes traditional marketing models.
Ads must meet these expectations. Successful advertisers segment their consumer audience and create personalized, relevant content for all stages of the buying journey. Usefulness and relevance are the main criteria for success. We are officially certified by Google Ads for Search Campaigns and we will help you increase sales, generate leads, increase website traffic and much more with Google Search Ads.

Google Analytics is a free traffic analytics service developed by the Google search engine. It provides detailed information about site visitors, including operating system, provider, traffic source, and other important parameters.Principle of operation The owner installs a Java Script resource from Google that tracks all clicks automatically. The system starts recording actions and movements as soon as a person visits any page of the site. Moreover, it takes into account not only direct transitions. Visits from search results, social networks, advertising services and other sources are taken into account.All information is sent to Google servers, where it is processed and systematized into a common database. After a while, the data appears in the dashboard, where you can use different filters and widgets to view specific information.


Thanks to the collection of statistics, site owners can analyze the following aspects:

1.  Analytical tools. Custom variables, API tools, attendance summaries, traffic visualization, employee access support, etc.;
2. Content. Resource page statistics, event tracking, download speed audit. A variety of tools allows you to get data on the most popular pages of the site;
3. Mobile data. Analysis by application, statistics of transitions from gadgets, evaluation of the effectiveness of ads on mobile devices;
4. Social activity. Detailed information about the reposts of materials, the impact of social networks and transitions, commercial benefits;
5. Conversions. Detailed statistics for conversions and goals, sales optimization, control of the effectiveness of the AC, visualization of transitions on the resource;
6. Advertising. A tool that allows you to analyze and compare different sources of advertising, improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and integration with AdWords.

We are certified Google Analytics specialists and will easily help you solve the tasks to achieve your success!

Google Analytics 4 is a fundamentally new analytics system. It differs from the previous version in its approach to data collection, tools, reports, and interface. We will help you understand and start working in Google Analytics 4 from scratch, what interface this analytics tool has and what features it offers.
In presentation materials, the Google team repeatedly calls the new type of resource the future of analytics, arguing this for the following reasons:
Scalable cross-platform analytics built around events.
In the new resource, ML and NLP functions are available to all GA users.
Maintaining privacy is a priority, including eliminating the need to set cookies.
Seamless integration with all Google products.
Cross-platform user identification. In the new resource, you can see the entire path of the user, that is, all his actions on different devices and platforms.
Thus, we can help you keep up with the times and use all the features of Google Analytics 4.