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Creating a corporate identity and developing a company logo is one of the first but most important steps in building a brand and developing your business project. Branding is your visual marker and your visual communication with customers, partners, and the marketplace.
The logo, color schemes, typefaces, and graphic elements create a unified design system at every customer touch point with your business.
A good logo is one that is instantly memorable. It cannot be mistaken or forgotten. It is the visual reputation of your company, both in the first impression and in all subsequent impressions. It’s about how you are different from others, how you stand out, and why you are remembered. How interesting, modern and informative you are.

Our task is to create a new image of your company, which will quickly attract attention, earn the trust of the audience, remain in the mind and cause a desire to proceed to cooperation. Your corporate identity should be bright, unique, memorable, recognizable, applicable.
Design is not just fine art and not just aesthetics. Design in this context is made to solve a specific business problem. We influence the consumer, and we do it according to the rules of marketing, taking into account the psychology of influence and behavioral economics.
We understand business. We respect marketing. We love design.
The result is a great mix that provides the right effect – for image, reputation and business metrics.

Development time is 15-20 days.
We clarify the problem, prepare a personal brief, go into creation, present the finalists, you choose the winner, prepare files for sending.

Where do we start?
Let’s first communicate and discuss your task. Leave an application, describe the nature of the request – We’ll get in touch and get to know each other better. (by correspondence or video link).

Let’s talk

You have interesting ideas and you want to transform them into design and code, let us know and we will do it together.

Maksym Knyzhenko

Maksym Knyzhenko

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