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Designing a website or web application . Development of the creative concept of the site. Creation of the design concept of the site. Creation of page layouts. Creation of multimedia objects.

Web design is a branch of web development and a kind of design, which includes the design of user web interfaces for websites or web applications. This is the design of the logical structure of the site, the most convenient solutions for presenting information, artistic design web-project. Web Design – a type of graphic design, aimed to develope and decorate objects of informational environment of the Internet, designed to ensure they have high consumer properties and aesthetic qualities. This interpretation separates web design from web-programming, emphasizes the specific subject matter of web-designer activities, positioning web-design as a kind of graphic design.

Unique design is more expensive, but also involves rendering from scratch, a completely unique development for a particular order, requirements, expectations and ideas of the customer. Sometimes the designer can offer a solution based on templates (their own or even someone else’s), it speeds up the work and will cost the customer cheaper. The final product of the web-designer is a design layout: a picture that represents the anticipated future appearance of the site pages. This picture is a multilayer, where, at the discretion of the designer, almost every detail – a separate layer attached to other layers-pictures, due to which can easily be performed revision, replacement, reconfiguration and other tasks. Depending on the idea and purpose, the layout can include photos, complex collages, illustrations, text layers, unique icons. Separate layouts are sometimes drawn for the home page and internal pages with additions or changes according to the theme of the page.

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