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            If a couple of centuries ago, people in different parts of the world were massively seized by the gold rush, now we can say with confidence that the modern world is completely and completely absorbed by the mobile fever. Is there at least one person in your environment who does not use a smartphone? Barely. Smartphone sales are growing at lightning speed, and manufacturing companies are investing fabulous sums in mobile technologies, their development and popularization in the market. Application development is a very fast growing area of ​​programming, as the number of mobile devices significantly exceeds the number of personal computers, and this trend is only going to grow. To make your app stand out from the competition, it’s important that it’s technically savvy and really helps solve your customers’ problems. To build android app, you need to find a good team of developers who will do their job well and help you achieve your goals.

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Joda studio develops mobile applications for Android in order. We create projects from scratch on a turnkey basis from design to publication in Google play market.

You can order a professional mobile development at the best price. Any business can find a target audience among the users of the Android operating system. To date, smartphones and tablets on this OS using almost three billion people around the world.

The Android app presents new business opportunities:
– Conduct online sales
– Promote product and brand
– optimize business processes

– Gather user contact data and create a customer base.
– Maintain feedback from your target audience
– inform about promotions and special offers
– increase audience loyalty
Functionality is defined by the goals set by the customer. It can be a couple of simple options or full automation of complex business processes. The design of mobile apps uses elements of the corporate identity of the company or brand. Observing the principles of UI / UX makes the application easy and intuitive for users. Technologies of Android apps development provide complete security of confidential data, safety of payments, reliability of storage of users’ financial data. Security factor is especially important for online banking and online stores with online payment function.

A mobile application is able to distinguish a business from its competitors, who still use the “traditional” methods of promoting their goods or services – advertising, SMS mailings, leaflets. With the help of mobile applications, you can take communication with potential customers to a new level. The presence of a mobile application also works to enhance the image. This shows customers that the company takes into account existing trends and keeps up with the times.

Mobile applications are a convenient way to work with the target audience. With their help, you can constantly keep customers up to date with the events of the company, sending out important news, regularly connecting to promotions and various marketing campaigns. In recent years, the development of mobile technologies has led to the fact that a variety of companies have acquired a mobile application or decided to develop it. However, the topic of “mobile” is still relatively new, which means that there are still many questions that almost never arise in the case of custom web development, for example, how much does app developing cost, how to choose developers, what to look for, how to promote an application, etc. further.

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