Die Kosten für die Entwicklung mobiler Apps

The cost of developing a custom mobile app for iOS and Android

The cost of developing a mobile application depends not only on the planned functionality, but also on many factors: whether you need help in preparing documentation, design, development of the server side and technical support. For more details about the stages of developing a mobile application, see our article: “Stages of developing a mobile application”.Therefore, the estimates below are very approximate.


Simple Applications

The category of simple applications includes software products containing +/-5 screens. They do not exchange information with databases (either their own or someone else’s): for example, they do not update table lists for restaurant reservations or concert tickets, do not analyze user actions, and do not give the application administrator access to users‘ personal data (they do not synchronize them with an external database). data).
Most often, a simple application serves as a “business card” of the company – with general information about activities, a map, addresses of branches, contacts, etc. It can also be a program created for a specific simple process, such as ordering a certain product without selecting parameters and adding to the cart. A similar project for smartphones / tablets on iOS and Android is implemented in 100-170 working hours (1-2 months) on a turnkey basis. This means that it includes interface design, design, layout, writing functionality, testing.
Today it makes no sense to be limited to one development platform, since cross-platform solutions make it possible to optimize time and financial costs, resulting in functional and high-quality applications. We develop them for two platforms at once, using tools such as react native and flutter. The development time in this case is much shorter than the development of individual products for different platforms.

  • The average cost of a future application is 1500-4000 €. This includes:
  • development of technical specifications and design prototypes (designing application screens): 300-500 €
  • application design development: 0-1000 € (we can simply build prototypes from standard components without spending money on design).
  • direct development of the program: 800-3000 €
  • formation of a simple backend and API: 0-1000 €
  • testing: 100-200 €
  • publication of a finished application: 200-300 €
Applications of average complexity

This category includes applications that have +/-10 screens, a personal account, support authorization through social networks, integrate with a server or website, and sometimes also interact with payment systems. Optionally, users can send feedback forms, a rating system, reviews, product ratings, and other functions. In terms of development time, they take 170-390 hours (3-6 months). These applications are the most common.
The price of mid-level applications is 5000-10000 € and includes:

  • development of technical specifications, creation of a design prototype: 400-600 €
  • application design development: 600-2000 €
  • direct development of the program: 1500-5000 €
  • backend and API formation: 1000-3000 €
  • testing: 300-600 €
  • publication of the finished product: 200-300 €
Complex applications

Professional mobile application developers include in this category software solutions that require 800 working hours (6 months). Their functionality includes synchronization, animations, interaction with databases, external systems and third-party APIs, various options for interactive functions, client-server architecture, analysis of user actions, etc.
If the client needs to speed up the development time, there is an option to involve additional company specialists in the project. Some jobs can be done in parallel. However, this does not apply to all processes, since a number of tasks are carried out strictly sequentially.
In any case, you should take an interest in the logistics of the process of creating applications in a particular studio in order to find effective ways to reduce time costs and make sure that there are no overpayments due to ill-conceived management.
A complex type product will cost from 10,000 €. Price by stages:

  • development of technical specifications and design prototypes: 400-600 €
  • application design development: 600-2000 €
  • direct development of the program: from 5000 €
  • backend and API formation: from 3000 €
  • testing: from 600 €
  • Finished application publication: 200-300 €

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