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Why is it better to turn to professional mobile app developers?

Professional mobile app developers are just as qualified as any other professional in their field. And as you know, finding highly qualified professionals in their field is not easy.

The logic here is simple. Any development of mobile applications for business should be done at a high professional level, which means it should be done by real professionals, and not just one, but a whole team. To understand who is in front of you, you should consider the options that the customer has when choosing a development team.

Mobile app development is steadily growing in terms of revenue and job creation. According to an analyst report, the EU has 529,000 app economy jobs and 28 members (including the UK), 60 percent of which are mobile app developers.

Freelancers – for those who care about low costs.

A freelancer can also be a professional. But most likely this is a pro of one direction. For example a programmer. A programmer cannot draw, he is difficult to control, because of the nature of his work, he has little idea of the people for whom the application is created. A freelancer means unpredictable deadlines and a high probability of one-sided implementation.

Three to five types of specialists are involved in the technical development of an order:

  • project manager
  • Designer (usually a custom made application has a unique branded design)
  • Layout designer (correct display on different device types and operating systems)
  • Programmer (creation of the server part, integration, interface programming)
  • Marketer (development of the promotion concept)
  • Sometimes quality managers, testers and other specialists are involved in the development process.

Professional mobile app developers are first and foremost a well-rehearsed team of specialists.

Ready-made application builders – for those who have a simple project and don’t have any requirements for uniqueness.
Do you mean that seriously?

If yes, then this means:

  • They are willing to be satisfied with model solutions
  • You become dependent on the developers of the constructor – the updates that are released will not always solve your problems
  • Technologies are evolving faster than designers, and perhaps the functionality you need will not appear in their arsenal any time soon
  • The constructor doesn’t allow you to do complex projects.
  • So if you see a development suggestion like “only 199 euros”, it is most likely something very simple (it is possible that it suits you).

Professional mobile app developers don’t come cheap, but our team will offer you reasonable prices for mobile app development of different tiers and stages of development.

What goes into professional custom application development?

Professional mobile app developers this is our team. We develop custom mobile applications consisting of the following steps:

  • Analysis of the customer’s business idea. The reduction of all his
    Requirements and wishes for a technical task.
  • Development of full-fledged interface prototypes.
  • Distribution of functions on screens, creation of layouts, definition of controls.
  • Application design development, graphic creation, combining style and usability.
  • Coordination with customer on grid, colors, fonts, background. Creation of final layouts. layout, programming. Testing and debugging until the planned result is achieved.
  • If the assignment involves developing an application for iOS and Andriod, adapting the project to another platform.
  • Application Engineering Support. At the customer’s request, the project can be finalized for new functions.
Why do we advise you to contact us for custom application development?
  • We have been in the IT industry since 2013: During this time, more than 50 different projects have been successfully completed.
  • We have a young but already quite professional team. The experience, skills and aesthetic taste of our specialists allow us to perfectly cope with the tasks.
  • We offer up-to-date solutions for the development of mobile applications to order. In our work we use fundamentally new approaches and advanced technologies.
  • We work responsibly with each customer and ultimately offer a carefully thought out and well-functioning product.
  • We work at reasonable prices and guarantee high quality results.

Our professional mobile app developers create a product that you will be proud of and that your customers will use.

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