Sound Recording

Sound Recording

The tasks of sound technology include recording, storing, transmitting and reproducing signals perceived by people with the help of hearing organs. In practice, most often such signals are ordinary music. Unlike the tasks of digital processing of speech signals, where the main requirement is speech intelligibility, in most cases, digital sound processing should also take into account the criteria for the accuracy of sound reproduction, which inevitably have a subjective nature, since the final conclusion about the sound quality is based on the perception of signals by listeners. Since its inception, sound technology has been at the junction of various branches of science and has enjoyed the achievements of chemistry and physics, especially in areas such as electronics, magnetism and acoustics. Digital signal processing, which in its essence, apparently, tends most to mathematics, is the newest branch of science that has entered the “sound family”. 

Many experts believe that this will lead to a jump in the quality characteristics of sound systems. Although digital signal processing methods are just beginning to be applied in the field of sound technology, the potential possibilities associated with this are already visible. Many developments in the field of digital audio engineering are aimed at replacing weak elements of the sound recording or sound transmission circuit. Examples are digital tape recorders and digital audio signal transmission systems. Their creation led to a dramatic improvement in the quality of sound reproduction. Mechanical reverberation devices have been replaced by digital electronic reverberation devices. The control of the mixing console has also been transferred to digital technology in order to free the sound engineer from the difficult responsibility of actually adjusting hundreds of parameters in real time. In the laboratories, perfect methods have been used to restore old sound recordings. Digital processing is also used in research aimed at improving electroacoustic transducers. In the sound-reproducing circuit, the loudspeaker is one of the weakest and least studied links. It affects the amplitude, phase and spatial characteristics of the received audio signal, and also causes various types of signal distortion. Digital signal processing is used to experimentally determine the physical characteristics of acoustic transducers, as well as to assess the impact of these characteristics on sound perception. 

Today, digital audio processing methods have reached incredible possibilities and we can say with confidence that you can do almost anything with sound. It is widely believed that digital technologies make sound unnatural and inanimate. With our experience, we can say with confidence that such a position is nothing more than a stereotype and a relic of the past. Even by choosing the right program and having a modern powerful computer at your disposal, you cannot be fully sure that the result will meet expectations. The skill, skills, and talent that professional sound engineers fully possess is not the last thing. And they are acquired with experience and the opportunity to work on different projects using constantly updated recording technologies, including computer

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Sound recording services are provided at a first-class level, and you can count on the perfect sound of your voice and correction of possible shortcomings. Sometimes people need to record an audiobook, an audio track for a movie, or arrange a computer game. In this case, hourly sound recording is a great option.

To create a music advertisement, the choice of our studio will also be successful. Thanks to the use of a variety of sound effects and professional overlay of your voice on the music, the finished sound recording will work very effectively. At the same time, the prices of these services are low, and you do not have to spend large sums.If you need to record and process audio on a computer without problems, with excellent quality and at an affordable price – we will be happy to help. Online audio processing is at your service – a convenient and promising form of remote cooperation! Just contact us in a form that is convenient for you.

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