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Website development on WordPress: any functionality, minimal start-up times. Fast responsive sites with high efficiency and stylish design.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for creating websites. More than 25% of all projects on the Internet are based on it, including sites of Sony Music, BBC America, Time and other global giants.
You can create your own project with WordPress too. Absolutely any project: a business card website, a website for services, a corporate website, or an online store.

Popularity. This engine is supported by all hosts. Many developers are working with it.

Availability. WordPress is absolutely free. And this significantly reduces the cost of developing the site.

A huge number of modules and plugins, most of which are free. And paid modules have a reasonable price. This makes the process of developing the site quickly and inexpensive.
Many themes and templates for sites on WordPress are developed by many
developers. There are both paid themes and free and each of them are easy to customize.
Free updates. WordPress is regularly updated, becomes more convenient and more protected from hacking. All updates are free.
Optimization for SEO. Sites on WordPress are perfectly optimized for searching systems, so that high positions and good traffic are guaranteed.
Performance. With proper technical optimization sites on WordPress work quickly and stably.
Ease of learning. The administrative panel is so simple that even a novice can understand it. No special knowledge is required here, so that the most ordinary user of a PC can manage the site on WordPress

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